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Respond & Resolve

Expert responses to your hotel reviews
Whether it is positive or negative, it’s really important to write a feedback from your guests online. Reviewing these responses is the first step to provide customer service to guests or customers. This not only connects you to your customers or guests but also puts up your first impression on the visitors visiting your websites for future bookings. Make every review sound sensible, thoughtful, timely and appropriate response with our Respond & Resolve Services.

Everything related to review & responses


We have a system that’s automated and once you have the reviews you can directly check them in your dashboard, ready for analysis. Notifications can be customised.


We simply work and identify the reviews and  Tag them to the website as a keynote to consider the reviews and add them to the website.


Once it’s tagged and we genuinely work and create a review with the prompt & professional approach. This process also involves solving queries or issues with the reviews posted.


Once we review the response we send it for a review to the Hoteliers, they can check review and edit and approve the response created. Which later are posted directly on their review website.

84% of users agree that an appropriate management response to a bad review “improves my impression of the hotel.”

Managing responses, especially the negative ones is never an easy task. But we can make it the most easy-going one for you. Our clients have always meant to love our approach that we take to deal with the responses.

Let Us Respond to Your Online Hotel Reviews
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  • Cost Effecctive

Everything related to review & responses