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1st Impression

No matter what your industry, a first impression is of immeasurable importance. The first impression is especially critical within hospitality, wherein the first few moments have the potential to establish the guest’s entire experience. Those in hospitality need to be intentional about creating positive impressions by understanding how to anticipate and appropriately fit into a guest’s experience. 

1st Impression

As it’s well said – All great guest experiences start with a great first impression. However, it isn’t always easy to interact, engage, let alone dazzle the digital era of today as soon as they interact with a brand virtually. Your first impressions are made online in this digital age.

Apart from providing the best services, having an attractive website with fast processing speed, mobile-first design, and a simple booking process, reputation management, along with a strong social media presence, is a must these days.

You can further strengthen your online presence by having high visibility across various online channels. First Impression Services gets you sorted with all these at once.

Key to growth – Engage in social listening & responding, also make sure that you reply to all types of feedback on your property and services across various review sites and social media channels.

What Makes up a Traveler’s First Impression?

Latest Reviews

The latest reviews and its scores make up for your visitors to pick your hotel from the others. The average rating is based on an average of the reviews on the first page of the review website. These are the reviews a traveller is most likely to read when they check out your hotel.

Review & Responses

One of the most essential factors is to review all responses, especially the negative ones and help grow a positive scenario over digital review platforms. Creating the most unique, creative and constant response help you grab more traffic


How you deal with your responses makes you count on your score, of course, don’t forget the deal and response especially with the negative reviews.


What and when you respond to the reviews, essentially matter the most. Frequent and faster responses help build higher brand quality and reputation.

Approach First Impressions With Intention

Most people believe that the first impression boils down to the first few seconds of entering a new place or meeting a new individual. Several studies have shown that a guest entering your establishment will develop a first impression within the first five seconds. 

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